Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Visiting Friends in Arkansas

This past weekend we visited some good friends of ours who live close to Little Rock, AR. We had a blast and wanted to post some of the pictures from the trip. Our friends have 195 acres of BEAUTIFUL land with hills and cliffs and creeks. It was wonderful. Anyway, here are some pictures of the trip!

They had four horses that we got to ride! Faith was really excited about riding a horse, but once she got close to the horses and they wanted to smell her, she didn't like it quite as much. She rode with Ryan for a little bit and then wanted off.

On Saturday we went to Mountain View, AR which is a really neat town with a downtown square where several bluegrass musicians come to play on the street! This is an old soda fountain shop in Mountain View.

We went on a family vacation when I was around Faith's age and my parents bought me a corn-cob pipe. So I just had to get one for the kids.

The kids are trying to stick their hip out (that's how I was in my five year old Arkansas picture). Faith couldn't stop laughing at her brother.

Our family at the old-timey soda fountain shop.

One of the daughters of the family we stayed with is a fiddler! She has only been playing for one year and she is AWESOME! This is her playing with one of the bluegrass bands in Mountain View.

We had constant babysitters during our time! Someone wanted to hold Carissa all the time.

Ryan has been wanting to learn to play the bass guitar for YEARS and he finally bought one while we were on our trip.