Friday, November 18, 2005

Thursday Lunch

On Thursdays I (Rachel) go up to the school (Texas A&M) and have lunch with some of the girls who are in my Bible study. Faith stays with Ryan and I take Jacob. Jacob LOVES all of the attention! Here are some pics of him at lunch!

Faith and Jacob's Progression

Whenver I see Faith or Jacob doing something new and cute, I look at the time and record exactly when they did it and write it down in a Word document. Since we have the new blog, I figured this may be a good place to keep it as well, since I am sure family is interested in that kind of stuff too. I will put all my previous info up back from 2002 starting with Faith, but for now something that happened yesterday should be a good intro:

2005, Thurs, Nov. 17, 2:00 pm - Faith and I (Ryan) were picking flowers off of our rose bush yesterday afternoon. A few minutes after we were done, Faith got a revelation and said, "Haaay, you know what? God made the flowers." It was extremely cute, and sooo true! Jesus said, "Out of the mouth of infants and nursing babies You have prepared praise for Yourself" (Matt. 21:16). Things like that are not difficult for little ones to believe.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Face Painting and School

Well, after the face painting at the fall festival, Faith decided that she wanted her face painted again! The last picture is of Faith "doing school" with "her kids." She said she was teaching them to read and do their letters. She can almost write her name... she does great with her F, I, T and H, but the A is a little tough. Jacob is crawling very well now! Last week Ryan and I sat on the couch for a little bit while the kids played on the floor and it was GREAT! We love holding him, but it's nice to be able to sit without a baby in your arms for a few minutes! It is definitely much harder to get a picture of him now that he's crawling! We barely got this one in time!